LEVIZ DEMOCRACY WEEK 2021 organised by LevizAlbania

LEVIZ DEMOCRACY WEEK 2021 organised by LevizAlbania

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Leviz Democracy Week

“2021: The year of civic engagement”

May 31st – June 5th 2021

For all the stressful events 2020 may be identified with as a year, we hope that 2021 will also be remembered by how we chose to use this moment as an opportunity to engage. We all feel more fragile now—and more than ever, meaningful connections are necessary. A good starting point is to (re)-connect to those who that are closer to us, our local communities, engaging in a dialogue on different local issues that are common to all of us. This year’s Leviz Democracy Week will focus precisely on developing these connections by engaging in and promoting exchange, enabling a diverse set of actors to have a say, participate, and influence.

“What is empowering about the theme this year is that it is for everybody. This year’s Democracy Week program includes a range of activities focused around common local concerns, common problems, and discussions on how to find joint solutions to make a difference. This is important for everyone…for every citizen, not only for LevizAlbania, its grantees, and collaborators.”

Through #LDW2021, LevizAlbania will aim to bring together different actors, ranging from students, teachers, activists, volunteers, informal groups and grass-roots community-based organizations, contributing with their viewpoints, concerns and proposals, to established and consolidated organizations and experts bringing in their expertise and recommendations. 

#LDW2021 will be organized around thematic days, each of which will contain activities that promote open dialogue and which will have as a common denominator the role of civic engagement in addressing different issues. #LDW2021 will serve as a knowledge sharing platform, through which LevizAlbania will have the opportunity to articulate achievements, disseminate products and showcase active civic actors.

List of thematic days

Day 1: Volunteerism

Day 2: Local finances and service provision

Day 3: Citizen engagement

Day 4: Youth empowerment

Day 5: Ownership on the local environment and livelihoods

Day 6: Setting the example